We write many different types of books but all have a common intention - to entertain the reader.

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The JACK CALLUM series of crime thrillers is set in 1950's England.

He has his own website Jack Callum



Suspense radio show about Jack Callum.
We come in at the 31 minutes point.


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There are three novels in the BAHAMAS series of thrillers.


Our DEPARTMENT 18 books reveal a secret government unit whose story is being told in a series of supernatural thriller novels. The latest is Mother Of Demons.


In the Department 18 pages are secret files that the Government have tried to ban - but so far we have resisted.


There is a free short story to celebrate Department 18 - click for ASSIGNMENT.pdf

We write crime, mystery and action THRILLERS

Click here to buy three thriller novels in a box set for less than 1 or under $1.50

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  DEVIL is a crime novella 

Our standalone SUPERNATURAL thrillers are novels and novellas.
The latest novel is Stillwater
and the latest novella is Convalescence

 Our tenth collection of ghost stories and strange tales is Death's Sweet Echo       

Read a FREE ghost story I'm Here                        CLICK to BUY ebook

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We write romance and erotic ROMANCE under the pseudonym Bailey Chance
and this link takes you to 'her' pages.


We do editing projects when asked. The latest is for the UK /Europe based ITW writer's group



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